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The Haunting Hour




Yo Yo Girl Cop

Now here's some info on Yo-Yo Girl Cop. A police detective working undercover at private school Seisen Gakuen is blown to pieces on the streets of Shibuya. The cop had been investigating students frequenting a popular underground website named "Enola Gay," where information on everything from bullying to bomb-making is exchanged. One week earlier, a strange counter on the website began ticking down to some unmentioned event. Meanwhile, a young girl only known as "K" (Matsuura Ava) is brought back to Japan from New York against her will, and is assigned the codename "Asamiya Saki" by the National Police Agency. Her mission: infiltrate Seisen Gakuen.

Matsuura is far and away the most popular of the current batch of old-style idol singers, and is an inescapable small-screen fixture on numerous variety shows and television commercials. She is the most successful single member of Hello! Project, the female equivalent of pretty-boy factory Johnny's Jimusho that has given us amorphous supergroup Morning Musume and endless permutations thereof. Matsuura becomes the fourth incarnation of Asamiya Saki after Saito Yuki, Minamino Yoko, and Asaka Yui. This will be her second film appearance following 2003's The Blue Light (Ao no Hono) and her first starring role.

Aya Matsuura ... Saki Asamiya
Rika Ishikawa ... Reika Akiyama
Shunsuke Kubozuka ... Jiro Kimura
Erika Miyoshi ... Kotomi Kanda
Hiroyuki Nagato ... Kurayami Shirei
Yui Okada ... Taie Kono
Yuki Saito ... Saki's Mother
Riki Takeuchi ... Kazutoshi Kira


My Wife Is A Gangster

How much do you really know about your spouse? That’s the provocative question explored to much comic effect in My Wife Is A Gangster, the box office smash of 2001! Shin Eun Kyung (from Wedding Campaign and Diary Of June) stars as Cha Eun Jin, an orphan who’s worked her way up the criminal ladder to become the leader of her own gang. Nicknamed “Mantis,” she utilizes a nasty pair of scissors whenever she feels like doling out a little punishment on her enemies. Her criminal life gets turned upside down, however, when she’s forced to honor her sister’s dying wish - to get married and start a family! With no experience in these matters, she rounds up her lieutenants (Shim Won Chul and An Jae Mo) to find her a suitable mate. Out of this frantic search comes Soo Il (Park Sang Myun, from She’s On Duty and Hi, Dharma), a well-mannered, somewhat naive civil servant - in other words, the perfect groom.

Although the wedding itself wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, Soo Il is in store for even more surprises once the “honeymoon” begins! His eagerness for romance quickly diminishes as his new bride snubs his overtures for sex, offends his colleagues, and overall makes his life a living hell! As the unhappy couple starts to come apart at the seams, a rival gang catches wind of Eun Jin’s current marital situation, a discovery that results in the death of one of her men and - after a brutal gangfight - her own hospitalization! But what happens when Soo Il learns of his wife’s true profession? Will he turn tail and run? Or will he find the courage to avenge his wife? Full of madcap situations and sharply choreographed wire-fu, My Wife Is A Gangster is one action comedy sure to entertain!

Country : South Korea
Year : 2001
Director : Jo Jin-Gyu
Starring: Shin Eun-Gyeong, Park Sang-Myeon, Ahn Jae-Mo
Runtime : 110 Minutes

Link: My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.001 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.002 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.003 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.004 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.005 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.006 My Wife is a Gangster 2.divx.007

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PG-13 | 1 hr 47 mins | Action, Drama, Fantasy, Foreign

A young woman holds the ancient secret of giant dragons wreaking havoc and destruction on modern-day L.A
A beautiful young woman possesses the power to transform a legendary giant serpent into an almighty dragon who can only ascend into heaven with the woman''s ultimate sacrifice. But the forces of darkness are out to claim the young woman as their own and her reincarnated lover and his aged mentor stand in their way.
Director: Hyung-rae Shim
Starring: Jason Behr, Amanda Brooks
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